I'd like thank everybody who let me take their photograph for letting me take your photo and for allowing me to show the photo here on my website..

Thank you all very much... hope you like the photos.. Gerard.


Wednesday 6th September 2017..

website updated soon with latest photographs taken around Liverpool



Saturday 10th June 2017

Homepage Slideshow photos..

from around Liverpool's North docklands.


New Brighton.. 'Over The Water' 

Photos from Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2017..

Added >>> Here <<< 


Friday 19th May 2017 

New gallery of photos taken at the Edge Lane Sunday market/car boot sale..

Sunday 14th May 2017 can be seen >>> Here <<<


Tuesday 9th May 2017.

I have photographed Liverpool life along Gt Homer Street regularly for over 10 years..

I photographed the old Saturday Greatie Market regularly, a small selection of my photographs along the old Greatie market can be found >>> Here  <<<<

I have videoed life along the old Greatie market of people, traders etc..

I have photographed all over the old Taylor Street Industrial Estate area for the same 10 years or so..

I have photographed and videoed that same area being demolished from start to finish..

I have photographed every part of the Project Jennifer redevelopment on both sides of Gt Homer Street from start to finish of the new Sainsburys development..

A few of my photos can be found >>> Here  <<< taken on the Gt Homer St Project Jennifer redevelopment.

At today Tuesday 9th May 2017 I am still photographing the progress of the new Sainsburys store before it opens on the 31st May coming...

I have a vast collection of photographs along Gt Homer Street/Taylor Street area before during and after the Project Jennifer redevelopment and I am putting together a gallery of my unseen photographs in time for the grand Sainsburys opening on the 21st May...

More information soon.


Friday 28th April 2017.. Hidden/Unseen Liverpool Dockland.

As part of my ongoing project of photographing Liverpool dockland life it is my intention being from the area born and bred (Dublin Street next to the Stanley Tobacco Warehouse) to photograph what I can of the area and the Liverpool dockland way of life I knew and grew up in before it is gone forever..

I'm pleased to be involved now in photographing and videoing more places down the docks, I've recently been asked to get involved photographing and videoing the redevelopment of a legendary Liverpool dockland establishment on the streets where I was born, its a project I'm really looking forward to and cant wait to get going with the video camera...

I'm also involved in other projects around the docks... one of which the people involved do not want any publicity, the photos I've taken as at April 28th 2017 can be found >>> Here <<< on the Liverpool hidden and unseen dockland gallery..

The  'Hidden Dockland 1' gallery is password protected for those involved and their clients to view only.


Friday 28th April 2017

My Liverpool photographs For Sale gallery >>> Updated <<< with new images for sale..

more images for sale to be added soon..

including The Cliffs of Moher, Galway Bay and more from a recent visit to my sisters in Ireland.