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Tuesday 17th April 2018..

Homepage slideshow shows various photos I've taken for clients.. more to be added.

photos include images from photo shoots with Liverpool actors, models and children accompanied by their parents...

promotional images for Liverpool's Stanley Dock Titanic Hotel and Rum Warehouse, the amazing Spa publicity shots have been used by publications worldwide..

Others include photographs taken for John Lennon's friend Bill Harry..

Bill is a good friend of mine and is founder and editor of the 1960's Merseyside music paper 'Mersey Beat'...

I took the photos for Bill's last book 'Lennons Liverpool'.



Sunday 15th April 2018..

Website brought up to date coming week showing photos I've taken recently out and about around Liverpool, street markets, docks etc... more info soon..



Tuesday 16th January 2018..

Project 'Blanches Cafe on Liverpool's north Dock Road' (Bottom of Millers Bridge)

Blanches cafe is a place I visit regularly when I'm out and about taking photos around the docks, Its one of several cafes I visit for a break depending on where I am around Liverpool's docklands, its a very friendly cafe like all the cafes I visit around the docks where the staff, locals and customers always have time for a chat and are never too busy to spend a little time passing 10 minutes away..when in Blanches I chat with the staff and customers and take their photos, I also photograph the out of town truck drivers, I print the photographs I take in Blanches and I display the photographs on boards on the walls of the cafe for visitors and returning truck drivers to see, I'm hoping to fill the walls of Blanches with my little boards full of photographs I take in there..

Info and link to new gallery of photos at Blanches cafe down the docks added very soon.


Monday 15th January 2018..

Project 'The last days of Edge Lane Fruit Flower and Vegetable Market'

This week I'm working on the photographs I took at Edge Lane Fruit, Flower, and Vegetable market over the last 5 years or so..the photographs will be shown in the >>> Liverpools Street Markets <<< section, no password is required, just click and view..

I will mention here when the Edge Lane market photographs are on this website.

I have a lot of photos to show I took at Edge Lane market and will gradually over time add more and more photographs taken before the market closed for good on Saturday 13th January 2018.


Friday 12th January 2018...

Wendys Party..

Photos from Wendys Party can be seen here >>> Wendys Party <<< 

this gallery of photos I took at a private family party is password protected, contact Wendy or Terri for password..Photographs in this gallery are for sale at £7.50 each for a A4 sized print.. see Wendy or Terri if you want to buy prints.


Sunday 5th November 2017..

Una's Holy Communion and Christening.

Una's password protected photos can be found  >>> Here   <<<