Liverpool Days - The Photographs Of Liverpool Photographer Gerard Fleming | Homeless in Liverpool..

This is how the homeless of Liverpool are coping in 2012, May 2013 onwards.
Photos taken in a Liverpool Homeless drop in centre (Soup Kitchen..)
I'd like to thank the homeless people of Liverpool for accepting me and trusting me and allowing me to take your photographs and allowing me into your world that I never imagined Carol and and all the workers involved in the soup kitchen for also trusting me to take these photos showing how Liverpool's homeless folk survive...

Thank you all.. Ged. xx
Liverpool homeless soup kitchen 10th May 2013 16Homeless in Liverpool 2013 9Homeless in Liverpool 2013 7Homeless in Liverpool 2013 1Homeless in Liverpool 2013 4Homeless in Liverpool 2013Liverpool homeless soup kitchen 10th May 2013 17Sme.Homeless in Liverpool 2013 of Liverpool's homelessCarl, William and FanteamuaHomeless in Liverpool..Homeless in Liverpool..John and Ste..John.. Bad Santa.Pastor RaySoup kitchen helper.Ste.Theresa.Helper Nurse Carol with Carl, William and Fanteamua