Liverpool Days - The Photographs Of Liverpool Photographer Gerard Fleming | Shadowlands.. Liverpool at night, the streets of my town.

The midnight shadowlands of Liverpool is a very special time for me.
I won my International Photography Award for these shadowlands photographs, many, many more like them will be added on this shadowlands gallery.
Midnight on the Dock Road.. The Bascule Bridge.Falkner Square.. re-visited..Liverpool at night...The Kings Dock big wheel..A rainy night on Kensington..A late night on Kensington.Shadowlands.. Liverpool at night, the magic hour....(Everton Terrace)Liverpool at night..Bus stop KensingtonA rainy night on KensingtonBoaler Street off West Derby RoadKensingtonShadowlands.. Liverpool at night, the streets of my town.The working girl..paying the bills.Princes Dock areaView across Canning DockFalkner Square areaHope Street areaPaying the bills... the working girl on Netherfield Road.Georgian area alley