Liverpool Days - The Photographs Of Liverpool Photographer Gerard Fleming | The Everyman Theatre.. the last days.

The Everyman Theatre Hope Street.. the last days.

This gallerie will show the photos I took around The Everyman during the last weeks before it closed....

A quiet corner in the Everyman Theatre..My friend Diane with Bill Good of The Undertakers..The closing nights at The Everyman.The Everyman Bar..The closing nights at The Everyman.Behind the bar..Lunch at The EverymanThe closing nights at The Everyman.The closing nights at The Everyman.Dean Sullivan spends a quiet hour in The Everyman.Dean Sullivan..A Flock Of Seagulls.Jennifer John..Liverpool singer.An unusual shot of the closing night at The Everyman..John Head on the last but one night..John Head..John Head..Stage neon..The stage for the Macbeth play..